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Grub4life Children's Centre Nutrition Project

Published by Nigel Denby
Telephone 07941 396610

Grub4life : Integrated nutrition project for Children's Centres and Nurseries

Our delivery partners are...

A team of in house Registered dietitians and nutritionists.

We have funding and support from...

Kellogs, Yoplait and Alpro Soya

The project is located in...

Strategic support is provided from a multi-disciplinary Grub4life advisory board

The start and finish dates of the project are...


The people helped are...

Children's Centres and Nurseries 

What they have said is...

"As the former head teacher of the South Acton Children's Centre, I am convinced that the early years are critical for laying down good nutritional lifestyles.


The centre was created to address the difficulties faced by families living in areas that lacked services and support networks. The children come from a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds. Almost 30 languages are spoken.


Some children attend from 8 am - 6pm for 51 weeks of the year, others are part time. Some children have multiple and complex difficulties in their lives.


It is essential that the highest quality nutritional guidance is given to staff, children and their families and that all food offered is of the highest quality nutritional standard.


Nigel Denby and his team listened, observed, analysed our current menus, discussed and responded to our specific needs with an amazing range of practical ideas and suggestions.


Using the Grub4life Nutrition Project is an excellent tool for any early years provider to support their ECM Nutritional and health Targets. "


Sheila Vizard MBE

Former Head of Centre, South Acton Children's Centre

We set up the project because...

We believe that good nutrition should start from an early age and that good health is the foundation for good learning.

The difference this project makes is...

Children's Centres can be confident that they are providing menus and recipes which meet the Nutrient Based Standards for the Under 5's in day care outlined by the Caroline Walker Trust.

What we did or are doing

The Grub4life project will be fully evaluated in 2009.

We chose this method because...

We recognise the outcomes of Every Child Matters and the Healthy Weight, Healthy Lives Strategy and the role of good nutrition has in achieving these. 

What's happened is...

The Caroline Walker Trust document Eating Well for Under 5's in Childcare outline the specific nutritional standards which should be achieved at each meal and snack times served within Early Years care settings. We have used this highly regarded document as well as PCT and British Dietetic Association documents on nutrition for the under 5's as the rationale for Grub4life.

What we'd do differently...

So far Grub4life has been implemented in centres throughout the UK and has fed over 10,000 pre-school children.


We plan a formal evaluation of the project in 2009, however in the interim, we are happy to meet interested parties at one of our Children's Centres to demonstrate the project in practice. 

This project helped to deliver...

Our planned evaluation will look at nutrient intake of children and their families, we will also consider the cost implications of adopting the Grub4life project and specific health outcomes currently being agreed.

The project is now...


Additional information or comments?

We are currently seeking further commercial partnerships in order to make the project more accessible to more Children's Centres. The project can currently be implemented in a Children's Centre for as little as £2,000 + VAT.


If you would like further information about Grub4life please see or contact Nigel Denby directly. 

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Lead Organisation As above
Geographical Area National
Outcomes Improving health
Beneficiary Age Adults, Early Years (0-4)
Beneficiary Groups Black & minority ethnic groups (BME), Disadvantaged families, Families, Other professionals, Young parents
Type of activity  
Primary Theme Eating for Health
Secondary Themes Change4Life Healthy Weight Infant Feeding



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