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Obesity and the environment: regulating the growth of fast food outlets

This briefing addresses the opportunities to limit the number of fast food takeaways and ways in which fast food offers can be made healthier.

Published by: Public Health England 18.11.2013


Social and economic inequalities in diet and physical activity

This paper published by Public Health England describes the 2 way link between Obesity and Disability in Adults.

Published by: Pubiic Health England 04.11.2013


Healthy Eating core questionnaire for adults

This is the Healthy eating core questionnaire for adults.

Published by: Portsmouth City Council 02.10.2013
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Healthy Lives, Healthy People: A call to actuon on obesity in England

This paper sets out the overall approach to tackling overweight and obesity in England.

Published by: Dept of Health 04.09.2013


Increased consumption of fruits and vegetables for the primary prevention of cardiovascular diseases

This is a systematic review of RCTs involving advice and/or provisions of fruits and vegetables interventions for the primary prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Published by: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 22.08.2013


Standard Evaluation Framework fir dietary interventions

THis describe and explain the information that should be collected in any evaluation of an interventiion that aims to improve dietary intake and associated behaviour.

Published by: National Obesity Observatory 13.08.2013
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Standard Evaluation Framework for physical activity interventions

THis decsribes and explain the information that should be collected in any evaluation of an intervention that aims to increase participation in physical activity.

Published by: National Obesity Obesrvatory 13.08.2013
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Oral health access to dental services for people from black and minority ethnic groups

This considers differences in dental diseases and in the utilisation of dental services between BME groups and the general UK population. It highlights ways to improve their oral health and dental service expreiences and recommendsareas for future research.

Published by: Race Equality Foundation 08.08.2013


Clustering of unhealthy behaviours over time - Implications for policy and practice

People's health behaviours are widely known to affect their health and risk of mortality. Less is known about how these behaviours cluster together in the population and how multiple lifestyle risk patterns have changed over time between different population groups.

Published by: chances4change 30.08.2012


SBRI competition: Changing behaviour to reduce the impact of obesity and alcohol related disease

The Behaviour Change Network would like to draw partners attention to the following 2m Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) competition.

Published by: DH 27.04.2012



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