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Age Concern Deal - EXTEND Classes

Published by Tory Lawrence
Healthy Lifestyle Co-ordinator
Fit as a fiddle
Telephone 07901 635 033

An opportunity for volunteers who had an interest in leading classes, to experience how it felt to have sessions delivered to them.

Age Concern Deal - EXTEND Classes

Our delivery partners are...

Angie Williams EXTEND instructor who works for Age Concern Deal, Age Concern 'fit as a fiddle'

We have funding and support from...

'Fit as a fiddle' is a national programme supported by the National Lottery through the Big Lottery Fund and delivered by Age Concern. It aims to improve the health and wellbeing of older people, promoting physical activity, healthy eating and developing ‘active networks' for the over-50s.

The project is located in...

Deal, Kent and will benefit the surrounding area!

The start and finish dates of the project are...

8 weeks over January to March 2009

The people helped are...

It will provide a new skill for those older adults who have an interest in physical activity and would like the opportunity to teach.  The local community will benefit, as there will be 12 trained volunteers who after the sessions will train to become OTAGO strength and balance leaders.

What they have said is...

"I now understand how it feels to have the classes taught to you and can relate and react to difficulties people may experience. Our instructor suggested scenarios you may experience during sessions and different techniques that you can use to deal with these. These sessions have provided me with more confidence in going into my training course."

We set up the project because...

  • Provides the opportunity for older people to experience Extend classes for free
  • Provides members with confidence to train as OTAGO leaders
  • The classes can provide a springboard to other pursuits and sports that are even more active
  • Provide the local community with more opportunity to take part in physical activity by having more available and accessible instructors.
  • To reduce number falls in the local older adult community

The difference this project makes is...

  • Encourage more sedentary adults to undertake physical activity
  • Encourage more volunteers to lead physical activity classes
  • Improve social and mental well being, by development of social networks through new classes in the area
  • Provide opportunities for hard to reach groups/individuals to take part in OTAGO classes

What we did or are doing

Extend classes, provide recreational movement to music for men and women over-sixty and for less able people of all ages. Fit as a fiddle in partnership with Age Concern Deal supported 8 Extend classes for volunteers with an interest in leading classes. Once the classes finished the local council  provided support for these 12 volunteers to been trained to as OTAGO strength and balance leaders. The provision being that the volunteers would then run courses in the local community especially with falls prevention groups.


The classes took place on Saturday morning to allow more volunteers to  take part in the training.  Different scenarios were used within the extend classes to provide volunteers with a wider range of techniques. These included using different music for groups of different age and ethnicity. Exercise variations were used for different physical capabilities, such as incorporation of chairs and tension bands.


As the classes progressed volunteers had the chance to lead and practice the techniques they had learnt. This helped them improve confidence and  gain feedback from one another.

We chose this method because...

It would provide the volunteers with an insight in to  leading class, a strong social group and confidence before they began their training course.

What's happened is...

Members have gained experience and confidence before their training programme. They have also developed a strong support group which they can call upon once they begin to lead their OTAGO sessions.

What we'd do differently...

Introduce potential clients into the group so that members can practice with people that they do not know.


All participants complete a monitoring form at the start of the project and an evaluation form at the final session. A ‘Fit as a fiddle' staff member visits the group to evaluate the progress of the group, speaking with the participants and instructors

This project helped to deliver...

The opportunity for greater exercise provision for the plus 60 population in the Deal and East Kent area.

The project is now...

Is finished, however the volunteers are in the process of completing their training course.

Additional information or comments?


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Lead Organisation Age Concern Deal
Geographical Area Kent
Outcomes Community cohesion, Developing talent, Improving health, Increasing participation
Beneficiary Age Older People (Over 60)
Beneficiary Groups General population, Other professionals, People at risk of mental health problems, People suffering from chronic disease or condition e.g. CHD, diabetes, osteoporosis, Socially isolated older people
Type of activity Active lifestyles, Fitness & exercise
Primary Theme Physical Activity
Secondary Themes Healthy Weight



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