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Google type searches

Do you want to do a Google type search? Instead of typing, for example, "eating for health" you will need to type in "eating and for and health".

Simple searches

Our website uses the Verity search engine to power it's search pages. Below are some simple instructions to help you take advantage of our search system.

When you carry out a search for something like eating for health the site will try to search for this exact phrase. If however, you wanted to find documents containing at least one of these words (i.e. either eating, for or health) you will need to separate each word with a comma: eating, for, health.

Search engines like Google would interpret the above search as "find me a document with all of these words in, but not necessarily in this order". If you wanted to do a similar search on our site you would need to type in eating and for and health.

Advanced searches

The following table shows examples of searches phrases you can use and how they would be interpreted:


Search phrase

Returns results containing


eating or for or health

eating for health

the phrase, eating for health


eats, eating, eater

healthy AND physical

health, healthy or healthier and physical

healthy OR physical

health, healthy or healthier or physical

healthy NOT physical

health, healthy or healthier but not physical


You will notice from the examples above the site searches for words that derive from a common stem. For example, a search for instructional returns results that contain instruct, instructs, instructions, and so on. When searching you can take advantage of the * wildcard character. A search for instru* returns results with these words, and also those with instruct, instructional, and so on.

You can create more specific search phrases by including the words AND, OR or NOT. If you wanted to explicitly search for the words AND, OR, or NOT, you need to enclose them double quotation marks; for example: health "and" social.


Search phrase

Returns results containing

physical AND activity

both physical and nausea

physical "and" activity

the phrase physical and activity

"physical and activity"

the phrase physical and activity


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